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July 2021 Newsletter


In forty-eight hours I will be attending, along with forty-six Washington students, three from Snohomish County CEF, the annual CYIA Camp. Christian Youth in Action Camp… a training camp for Christian teenagers and young adults who are committed to sharing the Gospel of Christ with grade school and junior high school age children. I am excited to witness, and to participate in this training, and the Christian fellowship. My personal Scripture this week will be: John 14:6, Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” We all need to thank God for our faith, for those who have helped us become the Christian servants for His work, and share to our gift of faith with others.

Blessings to all, James Robinson, “Pastor Jim”

Snohomish County CEF Director


Meet two more of our 2021 CYIA student leaders from Snohomish County:

Sarah is 16 years old and lives in Snohomish with six brothers and four sisters. Sarah always wanted to attend the 5 day clubs in elementary school and attended church and Sunday School with her family. She received Christ as her Savior at the age of 8 after attending one of their Sunday morning worships. She is excited about attending camp and to tell other children about Jesus through CEF.

Kylee is 14 years old and lives in Monroe. She is the oldest child of four with two brothers and one sister. She accepted Jesus as her Savior one day during a sleepover with her cousin, Diana, who is also one of our CYIA leaders. After receiving Christ as her Savior she prayed that God would use her in His ministry. Kylee is very excited about this ministry opportunity and is looking forward to working with the children.


v For our CYIA students; Diana, Kylee, and Sarah. Camp is June 26th- July 3rd.

v For Snohomish CEF Committee and our teachers; Praising God for their dedication.

v Prayers for our families that are not close by; that are too far away to visit.

v Prayers that we each may joyfully take seriously God’s Word and to “Trust and Obey”.

v Prayers for our nation. Prayers for our school boards, city councils, and state leadership.

2021 Summer CEF Clubs

Ø July 31st/Saturday Party Club Noon – 3PM

CEF office, Everett, WA

Ø August 2nd – 6th 5 Day Club

622 83rd Ave SE Lake Stevens *time TBA

Ø August 9th -13th 5 Day Club

North Creek Country Church, Bothell Noon - 3 p.m.

18415 Bothell--Everett Hwy,

Ø August 16th/Saturday Party Club Noon – 3PM

37917 Swede Heaven Road, Darington Washington

Snohomish Committee :

Bookkeeper – Jacki Jones

Chairwoman - Jean Jones

Vice Chairwoman: Grissel Poe

Secretary/Prayer Chairperson– Marie Nelson

State Board Rep/Building Maint - Oliver Grano

Tel - A - Story - Diane Tillman

Club Coordinators - Vanesia Morales

Fund Raiser – Chun Dotson

Translator – Irina Kolodich

Newsletter- Suzanne Robinson

Gazette - Connie Fagan

Member – Lynn Gressel

Member – Natasha Morales

Website Manager - Kingsly Okocha

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